How to get Cartel Coins for free in SWTOR?

Are you fan of Star Wars? Are you fan of online games? If you can answer "YES" twice you probably play the Star Wars the Old Republic. This is amazing game, since last year it's in Free to Play model, but if you want to be in the big league you should buy the Subscription or some virtual currency. But have you know that you can get Cartel Coins for free? On this site you can see the new way to getting Cartel Coins and using them in the Cartel Market to buy new armors, big cartel packs or some ships. You know that this points are very very useful in game and with them you can:
  • unlock sections which are limited for Subscription players
  • improve your character by buying new items and armors, shields and amplifiers
  • get new weapons and ships
  • buy amazing Cartel Packs
  • and a lot of more like pets, misc and other exclusive stuff
Unfortunately for all of them you must pay real money. It's definitely too expensive! So we share with you our method to getting free Cartel Coins. It sounds impossible? Just watch the preview video and see that it really works.

cartel coins for free

SWTOR Cartel Coins for free - is it possible?

Definitely YES. As you can see on the video above it's possible with our program. It uses special script which can bypass server protection and add to your SWTOR account free Cartel Coins without paying for them. Whole process takes just only few minutes and after this time you can use the CC in the in-game market.

Cartel Coins hack is undetectable for now so you can keep calm and use it without getting any bans. Program is available to download for free, but in the future it can be changed.

How to get the Cartel Coins Generator? Just visit our site -> and download it today :-)